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$100 Gift Certificate


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What's a better gift than a gift card?  Well, not much! Select if you'd like the gift card to be mailed or emailed and you're good to go.  If you'd like us to include a gift message, please email us: hello@paizlee.com.


Want to give a different amount than what we're offering?  No problemo!  Email hello@paizlee.com and specify the exact amount you'd like to give. 

*Due to the nature of our check-out system, we must charge sales tax on the purchase of a gift certificate (if purchasing within the state of Texas).  No additional taxes will be charged upon the redemption of the certificate.  Email hello@paizlee.com if you have any questions.


**Gift cards may not be purchased with a discount code.  If a discount code is applied to a gift card, the amount reflected on the gift certificate will be the amount that was paid at purchase. 

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